Dietitian & Nutritionist

I’m an experienced and highly qualified dietitian and nutritionist based in Queenstown. I’m available to see people who are keen to take steps to improve their health through addressing nutrition and better food choices. My expertise includes helping patients with a variety of health needs - these include weight loss, weight gain, and sports specific nutrition. My experience as a dietitian allows me to offer advice for people with chronic conditions – including diabetes, heart disease, and other medical conditions and illnesses.


I’m passionate about translating the most recent research findings into practical nutrition suggestions to improve patients’ health and wellness. I am currently undertaking a doctorate looking at how to help people stick to healthy diet and exercise. My connection to a leading university allows me access to cutting edge nutrition research, which along with training and experience as a dietitian, helps me bring you the most up to date and evidence-based nutrition suggestions.

At Play

When I’m not working as a dietitian or nutrition research, I love to get out in the mountains, either climbing up rock faces, or skiing down powder. I’m originally from Montreal, Canada and moved to NZ in 2008 and fell in love with the stunning landscape, flat whites, and laid-back (and shoeless) kiwi humans.