Want to feel fantastic and look your best? We all know what we should be eating (if not, I can help you with that), but the hardest bit is figuring out how to make eating well enjoyable and easy. The goal of this package is to cement these healthy habits into your life, so eating food that supports your ideal weight is as habitual as brushing your teeth. Together we explore the whats // whys // hows // and whens of eating to make your ideal day of food and activity your everyday.


You’ll walk away with knowing your essential habits to maintain your ideal weight and feel great, that still allow you to enjoy eating out, drinking delicious wine, and socialising with friends and family.



  • 4 face-to-face appointments (including 1 x 60 min appointment and 3 x 30 min appointments)
  • Personalised meal plans
  • Complete resources after every appointment with key points, shopping ideas, and recipes. 
  • $349