A recent study (http://bit.ly/18hp7Gs) has confirmed that eating high amounts of nuts, including peanuts, is associated with a reduced risk of early death, particularly from heart disease. The study followed over 200,000 people and discovered that people who ate the highest amounts of nuts (over 19 grams per day, equivalent to about a tablespoon of peanut butter or half a handful of nuts) had a 21% reduced risk of mortality and a 40% reduced risk of death from heart disease compared with people who hardly any nuts.

So what does this mean for you? While cohort studies like this one can’t prove causality, the consistency of these results suggest that nuts, including peanuts, are a healthy addition to your diet and may prevent heart disease and early death. Furthermore, this study shows that peanut butter, which is a cheap and easy way to get your nut boost, is as effective in terms of health benefits as other nuts.

Photo by Derek Purdy, Flickr